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It is no secret there is a slough of carpet cleaners in the Southern California market. How do you choose someone, and more importantly, how do you choose wisely?


It's unfortunate that we have to post this information on our own website, but the existence of "bait-and-switch" companies in our marketplace (and nationwide) have really been the bane of our entire industry. If you have ever had a negative experience with a carpet cleaning company, it's a good chance you've fallen victim of a scam known as "bait-and-switch."

What Is That?

In our industry, this business "practice" is a form of fraud which the company putting forth the fraud lures in customers by advertising their cleaning service at a low price, then reveals to potential customers that the advertised service is not available at the original price or list of assumed features, but something different is (hidden pre-conditioning costs). This results in a tense exchange with someone in your very own home, with the customer (you!) often being pressured into spending an exorbitant amount of money for something that should have already been included. We cannot tell you the amount of times we get a phone call late in the day after a customer has thrown one of these companies out of their home.


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The Result?

Unfortunately, after a poor experience with a carpet cleaner, that consumer (you) will typically never hire a company again and everyone in our industry loses, especially companies with ethical business practices who would have done it right initially. If this has happened to you, please considering giving us a try.

How Does This Happen?

Home Services are not a commodity. What we mean is, is that no two companies are the same. At a grocery store, you can select a store brand vs. the name brand and be completely fine. People go with store brands usually because of price. But the service industry is different, and it's important to not just base your decision on price only. What is described above is all but guaranteed to happen if you choose your carpet cleaner based solely on price. It is highly encouraged that you do extensive research before hiring a carpet cleaner. We challenge you to call around yourself and try to get straight answers - they are hard to find!

Does This Mean The Price Will Never Change?

Absolutely not. There are many instances when a technician arrives to find additional areas not mentioned on the phone, excessive staining and/or discoloration, and even damaged carpet fibers. When you schedule with our company, remember the exchange on the phone is always "site unseen." We schedule and quote based on the areas you mention wanting cleaned. These variables often create a situation where a technician will have to estimate additional services (always optional) to meet your desired outcomes. As a rule, reputable carpet cleaning firms will include pre-spotting and pre-conditioning (never optional) in their estimates. This is the primary cleaning agent required to actually clean a soiled carpet. This will remove any water soluble spots (dirt, food spills) on your carpet. If your carpet has staining (wine, coffee, pet stains), then it's a good chance the carpet fibers have actually been dyed. In this case, these stains require solvents to remove, which can be found in a spotting kit and will be estimated accordingly by the technician. There is a true scientific difference between spots and stains.

Tips To Protect Yourself

  • Research, research, research.

  • Be realistic - who will really clean for $7 per room? What's the catch? (Many!)

  • Receive a firm phone quote or faxed written estimate (available upon request)

  • Make sure you are receiving pre-conditioning. It is NOT optional.

  • In our industry, if an ad says "Free" anywhere - it usually never is.

  • Use your own good judgement!



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